Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Black Veil Has Been Lifted

After 3 weeks of walking around in a funk, avoiding tackling any great tasks, even blogging, I am jumping up and down, screaming out of glee and relief, making a sleepy Ashton cry his eyes out in confusion because after misplacing it, I finally found

the camera!  The little red camera.  The little red camera that we have only had for 6 months.  The little red camera from my in-laws!  The little red camera that held all the photos from my parents' visit & mine-n-Andy's 36 hour romantic getaway to NYC.  To make a long story short, I mysteriously misplaced the camera just 2 days after we came back from The City and I had checked everywhere: the grocery store, the 4Runner & all my bags.  Out of desperation today when I discovered I had not downloaded our NYC pics to the computer, I tore open the couches.
Voila!  The little red camera lay next to some cheerios, M&M's and half of a dismembered dog toy.  Praise the Lord!  I was so depressed that I had lost the medium to communicate our lives with family and friends so far away.  So to all, I am back!  And to the friends who are close, yes, I'm now up to getting together for a bbq or playdate!  I can confidently say: "Keep posted.  I'll be be posting!"

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  1. Hi Sweetheart:

    Hooray, you found your camera!! I won't be texting you anymore asking "when do we get some new pics"? Our boys and their Momma look great and I love to hear about their antics.