Monday, September 28, 2009

This past week, I most certainly did ...

NOT ignore Andy's plea for a new feather pillow because I knew it would be worse than his work clothes ordeal (3 trips to JCPenney customer service to make returns and 1 online order). My husband is NOT sleeping on a pillow that used to be in our dog's kennel (from 4 years ago!). Most definitely NOT!

NOT put my whitening toothpaste on the little, toddler Lightning McQueen toothbrush at 11pm. I am on top of my game at all hours!

NOT turn around and yell at my 2 year old to "Be quiet! Don't say another word until we get to the grocery store!" And then proceed to ignore his incessant pleas from the backseat: "I can't be quiet, Mommy! I can't! I can't!!" as he kicked my seat furiously. I am a hands-on-mom and never shirk parental opportunities to discipline or redirect. Never!

NOT fall asleep at 2am after reading 90 pages of a self-indulgent book after watching Sunday Night Football (note: I live on the East Coast). There was most definitely NOT a 6 month white onesie lying next to my pillow, reeking of spit-up from where I had taken it off of Ashton earlier in the day when I was attempting to take a nap to catch up on some sleep but Ashton decided to stay awake, play with his feet and occasionally spit-up next to me, eventually crowding me off the king size bed and forcing me to get up and properly put him down to nap in the comfort of his own bedroom. I never take naps and never ignore my children, NEVER!

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