Monday, September 19, 2011

Shoutout Monday

I am going to try something new.  It's my replacement for email because frankly, I just don't have enough minutes in the day where my hands are free to type an email and text everyone the sentiments that go through my mind and heart for those I love.  So here goes.

Gigi - thanks for the coupon and I look forward to the candles!  I bet they'll come just in time for the brunch next Monday.

Sharon - I'll try to call tonight but we'll see how awake I am when I get back from the Back-to-School Night and Parent/Teacher Fellowship meeting.  But I can't wait to catch up!

Aunt Kim - Thank you so much for your sweet email a while ago - I treasure your encouragement, am happy to see you and Uncle Morggie getting out and relaxing (finally, right?!),  and am praising the Lord Colton is doing ok.

Mom - keep up the studying!


Thanks everyone for letting me put all that out there - and I would do more but I HAVE to get the boys down for naps.  Why?  Because I can't always be THIS sane

Because my living room looks like THIS
And that's the cleanest room in the house!