Saturday, September 4, 2010

Late Summer

Well, we made it to Saturday. Yay! Andy has been off since Thursday afternoon and after a day of readjusting to being around each other (it's a firstborn thing), we are having a delightful Saturday. A cool breeze is drifting from front to back door and dark, rain laden clouds move swiftly across the sky, intermittent with bright spots of sun. Reminds me a bit of an Arizona winter or a Colorado spring or a Maine summer ... early autumn in New York is all its own. It finds us staining deck furniture, organizing kitchen cabinets, planning home improvement projects and then opting for college football and pizza. It finds little boys taking 3 hour naps, trees tinged with yellow and orange, fiction novels read late into the night, and classical masterpieces drifting throughout the house.
And now with my inner Anthony Bourdain almost running on empty, I leave you with some pictures of summer around our house.

... whenever Blogger decides to bring back the icon that allows me to upload pictures ... sorry!

Ha-ha!  After online research, I figured out I was stuck in HTML mode.  I'm back into blogging/composition mode ... so here are pics!