Wednesday, August 31, 2011

THE Reason I Need Dr. James Dobson's Advice

You see that expression? It was saying in not so many words, "Yep, I did this. It was a ton of fun. And no, I don't plan on cleaning any of it up ... no matter how long I have to sit on the stairs for not complying."
And I wonder why I wake up exhausted every morning!

My Literature Stack

This Too Shall Pass

The hurricane went and the sun has been out ever since!

Sick Peech

He's 100% mischief when he's well ... and 100% pathetic and whiny when he's sick

Hangin' Out With Dad

Little foot and all!

Hurricane Irene

We survived the hurricane!

 With minimal flooding to the backyard
 Andy & Aiden's "Hurricane Investigation Station"
located on the bird feeder.
(Yup, it's constructed from, what else? Legos!)
"Fence" the resident chipmunk hung out on the station 
for part of the storm
 It was so dark at 2pm, the front lamp turned on!
 All the howling wind frightened the 70 lb dog so much that she took up post in her "safe zone"