Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning

We're doin good. Andy had 6 days off and it was glorious! Well, at least for me! Poor guy was battling a cold the whole time, but I still put him to work, and he willingly helped paint the living room and dining room. (He also took the time to order his flatscreen tv - coming tomorrow!). Being the pro, Sass became the painting project manager, and under her direction, the walls look fantastic! Stone brown with accent walls in fudge bar are shaping up this little townhouse into a home!

In other news, Ashton has a little cold which just makes him cranky and clingy, much unlike him. But he still conjures up plenty of smiles for his favorite people. (Ok, so he smiles at anyone, but we like think we are special!) Sass is boxing and packing, in preparation for her departure back to Arizona in December. Andy has to go back to work today: it'll be an intense time until Christmas for him. Booo! Oh, and I gotta go order the Thanksgiving pies from the local farm: Thanksgiving is going to be at Lauren and Nathan's house this year! Yay!