Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aiden's Quips

In reply to whomever left the comment on the "Nite on the Deck" post:

Aiden, Ashton and I were driving down the road yesterday. I commented on a vehicle coming toward us. "Aiden! Look at this tractor ... er ... uh ... digger coming toward us." 5 seconds of silence. "Mom, it's a backhoe. It's a backhoe, Mom." Thanks Little Boy. Obviously you are the smarty pants of my children. I have no idea where you get it from.

Aiden: "My Cheerios are spicy!" I really have no comment except that he will complain about ANY food.

Aiden: "I did a bless-you-cough one, Mom. And I sneezed, Mom. Did I, Mom? Did I?" Oh, the repetitiveness that is such a part of our lives right now!