Saturday, October 9, 2010

Oh, Autumn in the Northeast

This world is not my home.  Therefore, no one particular place makes me feel like I should stay for very long.  But there are so many fantastic places in this world to travel.  And at this time of year, the Northeast is the place to be (what a coincidence that I live here!).  For my Arizona clan, you must imagine COOL air.  I know, it'll be tough since our highs are your overnight lows.  Put your imagination caps on!

Sharon, here's the rosemary in bloom!  Who knew?!

 I am glad I left this weed alone - I think the berries will turn red!

This plant makes me wish for snow!

And these are my wonder-plants: they came up from last year's forgotten roots - I don't think this picture does the purple much justice - they are very vibrant

I think this chair is beckoning me, a steamy mug of coffee & my favorite sweater

Thanks to my creative neighbor, this is my view out the front!

And thanks to my creative Creator, here's my view out the back door!


Aiden was down-n-out Wednesday & Thursday.  He just stayed in bed, with high fevers and wouldn't eat a thing.  I took him to the doc, but of course, it was just a virus.  In the darkness of Friday morning, he was yelling that he was hungry.  After a 4am breakfast, he was back in all his glory by first lights: singing, flying Matchbox airplanes, and talking non-stop.  He talked all day - right through nap-time and even through me singing the goodnite serenade of "Jesus Loves Me."  At least he was feeling better (or so I had to remind myself throughout the day when I could no longer hear my own thoughts!)

Friday, October 8, 2010

My Random Thoughts for Today

Praise the Lord that Aiden has made a total recovery from his virus.  He woke up jabbing about his new planes ... and he hasn't stopped for over an hour.  Andy and I think he's making up for his "lost" 2 days.

Zicam chewables are just about the nastiest things I've ever eaten.   They're so bad, in fact, that I'm taking them back to the grocery store.  And everyone who knows me knows how I am not a "return" type person.  I'd usually rather just lose the money than mess with an excuse to return merchandise, but these were exceptionally horrible!

Aw, the sun is finally out!  I had forgotten what it looked like!

I truly cannot survive without coffee.

I truly appreciate the little things in life: like the task lights under my kitchen cabinets - couldn't make cuisine masterpieces without them!

Andy wasn't counting on me knowing "Naboth" when I sealed my victory over him in Bible Challenge last nite!