Monday, November 9, 2009

Dexterity Lesson

I was at the Toyota dealership having the Yota serviced for an hour and a half with the boys last week. We must have played 50 different imaginary games, broken up by 3 visits to their lovely restroom. At one moment when Aiden was occupied playing with some little semi trucks, Ashton somehow got a hold of Aiden's newest car. I caught him spinning the wheel, which is an excellent feat for a 7 month old! And today, on his 7 month birthday (yay!), he was intent on rolling a solitary pea around the dining table with his pointer finger. Adorable!

Rough Days for Aiden

My precious firstborn has been having some attitude issues as of late. I believe they are partly due to being almost 3 years old and the other half due to his younger brother on the move, getting into his "things" and receiving praise for his baby efforts. Please keep Aiden in your prayers as he battles through this rough patch. Please also keep Andy and I lifted up to the Lord in our efforts to correctly responding to Aiden's acting out.

Happy as we "play cars."

Little Brother on the toy prowl

Deep in thought on which toy to share with his brother. (I am also assuming pondering where to shove said toy!)