Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Can you do it again?!

At the Library

My parents instilled in me a love for reading and I want to pass that on to my boys. Another book cannot possibly fit on the little bookshelf in Aiden's room (consequently, the one that my mom built for me!). Next option: library! Aiden doesn't exactly understand how to use his "library voice" but good thing none of the other kids do either! There is a play room with toys, which at 2, Aiden enjoys much more than spending time weeding through the menagerie of children's books written by everyone under the sun. Peechoo awoke and exited The Boat (double stroller) in time to play a bit before it was time to check out and head home.

Not Me Monday

Sass told me that drinking a cup of coffee with our apple streusel would be a bad idea, but I totally disregarded her warning. So here I am, still going strong in the wee hours of Tuesday, which still feels like part of my Monday.

So, this is NOT my child in this video. If you can understand the 2 year old high-pitched voice, he is most certainly NOT declaring to his baby brother "I went poo!"
This boy who is NOT mine is NOT prancing around the house "ohne hosen," strutting his Lightning McQueen big boy underwear.
And at the end of the video, he does NOT have his finger up his nose. This boy who is NOT my own NEVER does anything that defies social etiquette.

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