Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ash is Back!

And more ornery than ever!

Ashton Trying to Bring in the New Year with a Bang

Yesterday was Andy's birthday. Although it seemed more like an Un-Happy Birthday. After an uneventful day at work, he came home earlier than I expected so I was rushing around the house, getting decorations in place, putting cupcakes in the oven, and getting appetizers out for the Holiday Bowl Game party. I came up from the basement with arms full of clean throw rugs and forgot to close the basement door. Little Speed Demon headed for the stairs and slipped just inches from Andy's grasp as he tumbled down all 12 stairs, landing on the tile. With scrapes on his head being the only physical injuries, the pediatrician still suggested we take him to the ER for an examination and scanning. As Andy and I prayed and ran around trying to get out the door, the Lord answered our prayers (as He always does!) and landed our friends Nathan and Lauren right on our doorstep. We flew to the ER (Andy's driving was slightly less than smooth! LOL) while Aiden stayed at home and was taken care of and entertained by his "Uncle Naphan" and "Ant Wawren." Thankfully, by the time we got to the ER, Ashton was back to his normal, happy self, enjoying the one-on-one time with Dad and Mom (although we were sure he kept looking around and calling for his big brother.) And praise the Lord again, the ER was completely dead (which Andy informed me was probably not the most kosher thing to exclaim in a hospital.) Anyways ... 4 nurses, 3 hours, 2 doctors, and 1 CT scan later, Ashton fell asleep in my arms as we were being discharged - happy and healthy. Praise the Lord!

We are pretty sure the scrapes are from Aiden's toy planes that were lined up on one of the stairs. Oh, these boys!

Mom, I Want to Go Outside and Play!

I Used to Dream in Chocolate

Thanks to my girlfriend Lauren, I now dream in these: