Saturday, July 25, 2009

Poopy Morning

Aunt Sass having a conniption over Andy changing a poopy diaper at the hotel in Boston

Happy Saturday. I stayed up too late last night and am paying for it this morning. Ugh. And I had too many cookies last night, so first things first this morning. (if you get my drift!) Then I was sitting at the dining room table, still in a sleep coma while eating a Daddy Bart when Ashton, sitting on my lap, strains. I choose to ignore it, until, I feel warmth on my leg. The baby poo has oozed straight up the back of the diaper and out the top and is proceeded to lava-flow onto my pajama shirt and sweat pants. Up the stairs Little and I go, changing BOTH our clothes and of course, the useless diaper. Then down the stairs, twice, to the basement to start a load of laundry. Then back to the dining room to encourage Big Brother to keep eating and to clean the rest of the infant gunk off the chair and cushion. Aiden is done with breakfast, so down he goes to play cars. On my way to the trash can with dirty disinfectant wipes, I look over at Big. He's making "the face." So once he declares "I awl done, Mommy!" then it's upstairs with all three of us to Big's room. Now the top story smells, even though I sprayed air freshener. Now I must end this entry to take said offending diaper wrapped in a grocery bag sitting at the top of the stairs out to the back yard where it will be deposited into the big black trash can. Maybe then I can try and take a shower. Again, Happy Saturday.

Friday, July 24, 2009


I just can't get enough of my Little. He has such a special place in our family.

Candid Shots

These shots from about a month ago are of us enjoying dinner out on the deck after a rainstorm. The snapshots tell a story of me making sure I wasn't being attacked by a mosquito and then Aiden proclaiming that a bug flew in his eye. So much for a quite dinner! It's always something around here!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Greetings from the Desert

Hello! We've been visiting family for a week now, and we only have 6 days left. )-: Besides the cold I came down with, everything has been wonderful. Both mine and Andy's dads were able to take time off from work, so they have had plenty of bonding time with the grandboys. Grandma Bernie, Grandpa Freddie, Olive Oyle, Grandma, Gigi, Aunt Sass, Aunt Aileena, Uncle Tay, and Aunt Celeste have been most doting. We've been dining at our favorite waterholes and seeing friends (and don't forget the shopping!). But it has been seriously hot here. And I am not exaggerating.


Temperature reading on the way home from our favorite Mexican restaurant

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Anyone Seen It?

Um, yeah, we haven't seen the camera since the 4th when we were at the park watching fireworks. It's either in a random bag, or it's still at the park. /-: So, until I can figure out how to use someone else's camera, there just won't be any pics. So sorry! Go enjoy someone else's blog for a few days! LOL

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ok, last video from Aunt Sass!! 
Hopefully the old folks could deal with the rap on that last one ;]

Ok, this is Aunt Sass again. I made this video just for fun a while ago, Andy and Aubrey thought it was funny enough for the blog!

Big Truck Sound

Hi everyone! This is Aunt Sass! I'm here visiting the family A. During our chill Sunday afternoon I made this silly video of the adorable Aiden doing his best impression of a "big truck". Enjoy :]

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Thursday and Friday we went to Boston because, well, er, uh, just because, really. We'd never been and with it being close to the 4th of July, we just went! It was awesome, and I've decided I want to live there. We discovered pretty much the whole city, and the tangible American history and presence of patriotism was so great!

Aiden at the Boston Commons Garden

Ashton being amused by his Aunt Sass

Aunt Sass and her all-time favorite animals: seals

Me in a booth at Old North Church (think the ending of National Treasure)

Andy and Paul Revere