Friday, July 9, 2010

The Vacuum That Sucks ... Even Better Than Ever!

"Sucking" in our society is never a good thing, unless you are a vacuum cleaner!  I was freaking out yesterday, (secretly pricing Dysons!) when the Green Machine lost its sucking ability.  But Andy mustered up the energy after a 12 hour shift at work and went to town trouble shooting.  1 plumbing snake and 1 clog of dog hair, long girl hair w/ a nucleus of a pretzel M&M later, and the 4 year old $79 Green Machine is back and better than ever!  For this clean freak, the day is looking up!

Graphic T's

My fam was a bit obsessed with sending graphic t's to Aiden when he was little.  Now Ashton wears them - they just make me laugh and think of my family!

Fence & Tuck

Aiden loves to watch the animals that visit the bird feeder.  With the only prompting being, "Aiden, what do you want to name it?", he doles out names for the non-feathered critters.
Drum-roll, please!
  "Fence" is the chipmunk and "Tuck" is the rabbit.  I love my peculiar kid!