Saturday, April 18, 2009

I just realized ...

I have no pictures on the computer since the day Ashton was born! Andy must have downloaded them all to his side of the computer. Of course, retrieving them is far beyond my capabilities, and Andy is outside raking the dead grass, so I guess all anyone gets right now is a pic of me fixing my makeup about half an hour before Ashton came into this world! Hopefully I can get some more recent photos up soon!

(Ooff! Gotta go change a little explosion that just occurred in a newborn diaper! LOL)

Sharon's Comic Relief

If Sharon missed Rick at all, Andy sure made up for his father's absence with comedy. Aiden seems to be following in the family tradition by keeping the laughs coming!

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Pictures

The entire family - A to the fourth power!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Arrival of Ashton Lee Lovelace!!!!

This is Andy updating the blog for the mama! Ashton made his arrival tonight, 4/9/09.


Time of Arrival: 2102
Weight: 6 lbs, 12.5 oz
Length: 21"
Hair Color: Blonde!

Aubrey is doing great - only in labor for about 6 hrs, if that. We went to the hospital about 1745 and he got here at 2102! Looking at and talking to Aubrey you couldn't even tell she had a baby. God is great and we are incredibly blessed!


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I got my puppy-fix when Aiden and I landed a gig last week watching 12 week-old Samson. He is just the most adorable little guy ever. Aiden thought he was funny, well, most of the time, except when Samson used Aiden's hands as chew-toys! Oh, but I just couldn't get over the softness and that little puppy smell!

First Bike

My parents sent Aiden the coolest present: his first bike! He had a great time helping Daddy put it together, and an even better time riding it! Unfortunately, he has only been able to ride it twice in the past 2 weeks, due to our yucky weather. (It's snowing as I type.) But he loves his bike so much, that we have had to hide it, to prevent melt-downs every time he sees it. I can just see him this summer, vrooming all over the backyard!

The Sunday Sneak

Andy was working, and I was upstairs finishing my hair and makeup before we headed out to church, when I realized Aiden was being awfully quiet. I yelled downstairs at him, but received no response. Upon examination, this is what I came upon:

My little boy at the kitchen bar, consuming a small cup full of M&M's from the Easter egg hunt. There was no remorse in his actions, because he simply had no idea he was acting in the wrong. He had never before attempted to climb onto the bar stools, and furthermore, had never had access to any of the goodies stored on the bar. It was difficult to not laugh as I calmly explained the rules to my sweet, innocent (albeit, candy-loving) boy.

Playdate at the Park

The comp had to go in for some repairs, but it's back home and running smoothly. Here are some pics at a local park with some friends from church a couple of weeks ago.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Muy Grande

Need I say more? Seriously, Andy. You're gonna have to start panning out!

Surprise Guest

Amy and the girls were over this morning and afternoon for a playdate. The doorbell rang, and I open the door to a slim, middle-aged man in a suit carrying a portfolio. Hmmm. The special congressional vote was yesterday, so this can't be a lobbyist for one of the candidates. And I really hope it's not a salesman. My thoughts get no further as the man says, "Ma'am, I am so-and-so with the Federal Bureau of Investigation" and he flips open his badge. I stood there, somewhat dumbfounded, processing the long words he just threw my way. Oh! The FBI! Government ... clearance ... Andy's work ... Andy ... oh Lord! My left hand begins to rub my huge, protruding belly, a nervous tick as of late. Thankfully the nice man cut my thoughts off again by stating his business as investigating the background of a neighbor who was recently hired at a facility that requires a government clearance. Alright. I know this drill. Been there, done that. "Please, sir, come on in and have a seat."
Among the fact that I am sure that man will forever steer clear of houses that are full of screaming toddlers and floors covered in toys, he will never know the momentary skipping of my heart at his opening introduction. Sure makes me even more thankful for my beloved husband. Not to be morbid, but any day with him could be the last. I am so sorry, Babe, for being a biting, hormonal wife. I love you VERY much and appreciate you more today than I ever have in my life!