Monday, June 29, 2009

The First "Not Me! Monday"

It was not me who slept in until 10:57 this morning. I am a responsible mommy and always get up before the crack of dawn to cook a 5 course breakfast for my boys. I would never use my husband being on the graveyard shift to my advantage and have him watch Aiden while my bum was still in bed.
It was not me who, upon taking my prenatal vitamin, accidentally dropped said vitamin into the sink, quickly retrieved the pill, and promptly popped it in my mouth. Germs live in that basin and I know for a fact that it hadn't been disinfected in days. I am a borderline germaphobe and would never do such a disgusting thing!
It was not me who replied, "Good job, son. Thanks for telling me!" in an excited tone when yelled at by my 2 year old: "Mommy, I pee-pee'd in my diaper!" in the middle of the men's department at JCPenney - with proper gentlemen within hearing range. That would be uncouth and imply I have poor manners (which I don't!).
It was not me who walked around for who knows how long with spit-up on my shirt. When holding my newborn, I always give him my full attention and keep track of his every move. Said spit-up was not on my shoulder, down my sleeve, down my back, and a bit on the back of my pant leg.
It was not me who changed a poopy diaper and then took cookies out of the communal, family cookie jar. I always wash my hands after any contact with little bums!
And it was not me who baked a pizza with the the cardboard still underneath. I definitely at least noticed as I was slicing said pizza. I would not have only realized my stupidity an hour later when I went to wrap up the left overs. What, am I, blonde or something?

I always walk directly next to my son and focus intently on him and his actions, no matter how tired I am or where we happen to be. And it was DEFINITELY not my son who yelled out, "Mommy, it's dog poo-poo! I just frew [threw] dog poo-poo!" as we were strolling through our subdivision.
I am always a wonderful, stimulating, character-building, smiling, clean Mommy!

Did you enjoy this post?
Kira, a friend from middle school has been doing this on her blog for some time now, and it is my favorite blogging thing ever! You can check out where the idea all began at the blog that started it all. Thanks for letting me steal the idea, Kira! And if you haven't done something, please share it in the comment section of this post. I hope you at least got a chuckle out of all this ... I know I feel better just sharing how perfect I really am!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Modern Technology?

Real quick, I have a question.
We live in the 21st century, right?! How come we can send people to space and they can live there for over a year; remove unwanted hair with a laser (yes, I want it done!); and power a submarine with the fusioning (or is it fisioning??) of atoms but there isn't a diaper out there that can prevent a ooey-gooey blowout?!?! Do you see my frustration? (I will refrain from posting a picture enlightening the situation. You're welcome.)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday Shout-Out

A Big Happy Birthday to my little sister - Happy 17! Enjoy this last year of childhood, preparing your heart and mind to be the adult that God dreams of you. We know you can fight the temptations of youth, cling to a higher standard, and develop an inner-beauty that will stop good men in their tracks! (Note, I said good men. The stupid ones will just walk right on by. And that's just fine. You don't want them anywhere near you!)

Here are a few cute pics in your birthday honor!

Father's Day

To the father of my children:
I love you and am so proud of the man I see when you are with our boys. They will look up to you their whole lives, and I know that you will help them become the men God has planned for them to be. Your considerate heart is an inspiration to me.

Love forever,
Your wife

Aiden trying to kiss Daddy while Daddy plays "hard-to-get"

P.S. Freddie and Gigi: we went to the Outback Steakhouse too! Don't you just love their blue cheese salads?!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

So, last Friday was my birthday. I was pretty bummed about it, and the day wasn't going that great until Andy came home from work. He told me to get dressed up - he was taking me out! Thanks to our great friend, Nathan and Lauren, we were able to go out without the boys! And to top it all off - L made me a cake! (She has been taking a cake decorating class.) It was delicious (emphasis on the was) and Andy and I had a wonderful dinner with great service, were able to have long conversations, and we cruised the local scene in our coupe before heading home. Yes, I am older, but I was reminded that I am very much loved, regardless of my age. (-:

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Mommy! I'ma awl done wif my na-nights!"

The boys woke up from their naps at the same time, so I put Ash in Zib's crib to visit with his big bro. They were hamming it up!

P.S. Aiden is wearing a shirt that was Andy's when he was a little boy - how cute is that?!

How To...

... transport a baby and a load of clean clothes up two flights of stairs simultaneously!

I Despise Bulk Purchases

Maybe it's the sour childhood memories of hours upon hours spent at the bulk warehouse store or perhaps just the fact that our house is barely large enough to house our day-to-day needs, not to mention, a stockpile that we could survive off of thru World War III, so you would never find in my wallet a membership card to a bulk warehouse store. And you would most definitely not find 30 rolls of TP under the bathroom vanity. That would just go against everything I have ever stood for. Therefore, this is not a picture of my kitchen counter after a morning of running errands. That would be preposterous! Only a giant could substantiate that large a bag of baking chocolate chips!

I Was Just Told

"Mommy, it's a waterfall. It'sa comin out!"

Before I had kids, I said I would never be one of those moms who delights in her children's nudity. But c'mon, that skin is just too perfect and adorable! Who doesn't envy that?! I use all sorts of expensive potions to try to replicate it! LOL

Two Months and Two Days Later ...


Oh, I am just falling more in love with this little dude every day. He has such a distinct personality. He will just sit or lay by himself for hours, amusing himself with his fists, and smiling at anyone who gets close enough for him to see. But when he is in need of loving or food, he sticks that bottom lip out there, lets it quiver a couple of times, and then lets out the most pitiful, "I am an abandoned orphan" wail. Melts my heart!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy 6th Anniversary, My Love!

6 years of marital bliss - through the good, the bad, AND the ugly!
It's funny, one would think that as the years go by that we would need to do bigger and better celebrations than the years before, but it really is in the sharing of the simple things that keeps the sparks alive. Like making smores over the gas grill. Ah, amore!

I love you, Andy - forever and always!!!