Saturday, January 9, 2010

Breakfast Around Our House

For some odd reason, I am incredibly lax about breakfast. The boys usually get whatever they want, wherever they want. Strange for me, but anyways. Could have something to do with mommy non-lucidity due to blogging late at night. Maybe, just maybe there's something to that. LOL

Friends in Africa

My friend Ashley and I go all the way back to the summer before 9th grade. Through the years we lost touch, but ironically have been corresponding now that I live in NY and she in Africa! Well, she and her hubbie, Timothy, are amazing missionaries and they just celebrated the birth of their son, IN Africa. Any moms reading this are saying, "What?!" You read that correctly! Go read their story at Ashley's blog: I had what I considered a "hectic" day, but nothing in comparison to what the Kellers go through every day. God bless them, and may they be a reminder to each of us to analyze the motives behind our life decisions and how they compare to glorifying His kingdom. And if they're not, then change it!