Monday, April 11, 2011

After a long hietus ...

I'm back among the blogging world.  In fact, I consider this the first time since December that I'm actually back among the real world in general!  Today I celebrate the 6th month mark of the pregnancy of my 3rd boy.  And all things considered, I'm feeling pretty good!  Oh sure, there are things like the utter exhaustion by 7:15pm and the severe hip pain that stops me in my tracks, but those are just things I am beginning to see are reflections of my humanity; a human state that is far from perfect and a woman who is in desperate need of a forgiving, perfect God.  And oh how I praise Him for His greatness, faithfulness and sweet reminders of how much He cares for me, even when I spend most days finding fault among most everything. 

So, yes, much has happened in our little household and family since December, but I'll have to fill in the details later.  Right now the boys are napping (I think), and a record-warm day is upon us - allowing me to have all the windows and doors open, which, let me tell you, in somewhat of an anomaly in April in our part of the Northeast.  (Apparently we live just about 45 minutes away from the official "New England" cutoff.  I would think that would be enough to shrug off and include our beautiful area, but the locals are of a different opinion.  But I digress ...).  The dryer is buzzing as I sit in a jelly-encrusted chair, and the front windowsill & trim are calling for me to make them white again; I am more than happy to oblige.  But perhaps I'll bust out the can of paint after I take few moments to cut back some old vines under the window box.  I cannot convey how happy my heart is that the weather has turned warm & the iris shoots are making their appearance.  The next few months will be filled with many to-do lists and lots of hard work - something I gladly look forward to after a long, rather sickly winter. 

And of course I look forward to regularly updating the blog!  Thanks to Lisa & Ana for the kick-in-the-pants I needed to get back online!  I am blessed with such wonderful friends!

Love & blessings to all who actually still check my silliness,