Friday, October 8, 2010

My Random Thoughts for Today

Praise the Lord that Aiden has made a total recovery from his virus.  He woke up jabbing about his new planes ... and he hasn't stopped for over an hour.  Andy and I think he's making up for his "lost" 2 days.

Zicam chewables are just about the nastiest things I've ever eaten.   They're so bad, in fact, that I'm taking them back to the grocery store.  And everyone who knows me knows how I am not a "return" type person.  I'd usually rather just lose the money than mess with an excuse to return merchandise, but these were exceptionally horrible!

Aw, the sun is finally out!  I had forgotten what it looked like!

I truly cannot survive without coffee.

I truly appreciate the little things in life: like the task lights under my kitchen cabinets - couldn't make cuisine masterpieces without them!

Andy wasn't counting on me knowing "Naboth" when I sealed my victory over him in Bible Challenge last nite!