Monday, November 30, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did NOT just walk around the house for the past half hour, in a funk and blowing off my sweet hubbie who just worked the entire night. I did NOT complain about being in a fog, even though I slept for 8 hours. ........ And I did NOT just realize that somehow in my haste, my left contact did not make it into my eye. Hence, the "fog"!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi Mom!

As I am "coming into my own" of being a mom, I am finally getting some time and sanity to reflect on motherhood. Mom, you are so loving, patient, and trusting in the Lord that I am well and happy so far away. (Even though I only call maybe once a week!) And those are a mother's biggest concerns. (Maybe not what is really best for said child, but never-the-less, our gut reaction to our children!)
So to Mom: "I'm doin' good. Still eating too much junk food, but finally having time for my makeup and hair. Albeit, your grandsons make me want to pull out my hair many days! Tryin' to make you proud! Working on my procrastination and really getting into cooking good, flavorful dinners for my little family. I learned from the best! I could still go for some of your potato salad or pumpkin cookies anytime of day! Love and miss you!"

Me and My Baby

Sweet Boy (Between Tantrums!)

Decorating the Tree

The Feast

Our great friends, Uncle Nathan and Aunt Lauren hosted Thanksgiving dinner in their beautiful home. Along with their friends from Manhattan, their new dining room table was christened in style! And even though seven 20-26 year olds were not very good at judging when the turkey was "done," it ended up being delicious! We are very thankful for good friends!

Ashton and the Pear

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving around our house

Really missing my fam about now. I can picture it in my mind: Gigi's guacamole dip and Fritos are all gone by now and Fred is making last minute preps on the kitchen counter before "The Bird" makes its appearance. He is dressed in his best and smells faintly of expensive musk. Gigi is sporting a new, flashy outfit and shoes (don't forget her natural, beautiful, red hair!) and they are squabbling over who-knows-what; my Dad is sacked out in an over-sized leather recliner; my mom is willingly helping with anything, chatting and laughing and looking timelessly beautiful; the cocker spaniels are underfoot; and my siblings are watching tv or playing out back or causing general mischief that for one day out of the year is going unnoticed by Dad.

Well, many of those details are changed this year and many family members are absent. But I still miss the warmth and happiness. Miss you all!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Not Me Monday

I did NOT eat a sweet potato/butternut squash souffle with marshmallows on top for breakfast (two mornings in a row).

I did NOT forget (3 days in a row) to pour myself a cup of coffee that I had prepared because I was too tired to remember. Who wastes perfectly good Dunkin medium roast?!

I did NOT entice my 2 year old into a better mood by having him watch a Thanksgiving special on the Food Network with me while we partook of a year old Boston Market frozen tv dinner of turkey medallions and mashed potatoes in a savory gravy. (Who knew the Food Network could look so good in HiDef?!)

I did NOT fall prey to my son's ploy of "hold me, Mommy. Somfing is scaring me." at nap time and fell asleep next to him for the duration of nap time ... 2 days in a row!

I did NOT spill white sugar on the floor in my haste to prepare some coffee for myself on the way out the door and I did NOT leave it there ... all day. It is NOT still there. I am a clean freak! (Most of the time.)

Don't have a blog or too chicken to leave your Not Me's there? Just leave your Not Me's in the comments of this post so we can all enjoy them.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Tuesday Morning

We're doin good. Andy had 6 days off and it was glorious! Well, at least for me! Poor guy was battling a cold the whole time, but I still put him to work, and he willingly helped paint the living room and dining room. (He also took the time to order his flatscreen tv - coming tomorrow!). Being the pro, Sass became the painting project manager, and under her direction, the walls look fantastic! Stone brown with accent walls in fudge bar are shaping up this little townhouse into a home!

In other news, Ashton has a little cold which just makes him cranky and clingy, much unlike him. But he still conjures up plenty of smiles for his favorite people. (Ok, so he smiles at anyone, but we like think we are special!) Sass is boxing and packing, in preparation for her departure back to Arizona in December. Andy has to go back to work today: it'll be an intense time until Christmas for him. Booo! Oh, and I gotta go order the Thanksgiving pies from the local farm: Thanksgiving is going to be at Lauren and Nathan's house this year! Yay!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Aiden's Quips

In reply to whomever left the comment on the "Nite on the Deck" post:

Aiden, Ashton and I were driving down the road yesterday. I commented on a vehicle coming toward us. "Aiden! Look at this tractor ... er ... uh ... digger coming toward us." 5 seconds of silence. "Mom, it's a backhoe. It's a backhoe, Mom." Thanks Little Boy. Obviously you are the smarty pants of my children. I have no idea where you get it from.

Aiden: "My Cheerios are spicy!" I really have no comment except that he will complain about ANY food.

Aiden: "I did a bless-you-cough one, Mom. And I sneezed, Mom. Did I, Mom? Did I?" Oh, the repetitiveness that is such a part of our lives right now!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nite on the Deck

I promised Aiden I would wake him up from his nap before the sun went down. I kept my end of the bargain but didn't take into account getting both boys up from naps and dressed for outside. It ended up being dark, so we scrapped the lawn work idea and just hung out on the deck. Daddy joined us after work!

Up close and personal! Ashton was screeching in happiness around the deck in his walker.

Checkin' out under the hood

Brave Boy

I have been putting off having Aiden's 2 year old blood work done since, well, he was 2 (that was back in February!). But with the Pediatrician's office calling every week to remind me, I finally caved. It was just Aiden and I. He was very brave and only let a couple of tears squeeze out (and that was only when he watched the needle go in!). A cool bandaid, a sucker and a trip to the park (without little brother!) was exactly what he needed.

Not Me Monday ... A Bit Late

I know, it's Tuesday (and late to boot!). But better late than never!

I did NOT go into my son's room and bribe him with a cookie in return for him going back to bed for another hour. I did NOT fail to plan for the ending of Daylight Savings Time and the fact that the boys would wake up earlier. And I did NOT just go back to my bed for an hour and leave my 2 year old in his bed with the aforementioned sugar cookie. And this is NOT a picture of my son's bottom sheet full of cookie crumbs!