Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving around our house

Really missing my fam about now. I can picture it in my mind: Gigi's guacamole dip and Fritos are all gone by now and Fred is making last minute preps on the kitchen counter before "The Bird" makes its appearance. He is dressed in his best and smells faintly of expensive musk. Gigi is sporting a new, flashy outfit and shoes (don't forget her natural, beautiful, red hair!) and they are squabbling over who-knows-what; my Dad is sacked out in an over-sized leather recliner; my mom is willingly helping with anything, chatting and laughing and looking timelessly beautiful; the cocker spaniels are underfoot; and my siblings are watching tv or playing out back or causing general mischief that for one day out of the year is going unnoticed by Dad.

Well, many of those details are changed this year and many family members are absent. But I still miss the warmth and happiness. Miss you all!