Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Little Boy

Ever since he was a newborn, I have said the phrase "my little boy" to my firstborn son whenever we look into a mirror together or we are just sharing a special mommy-son moment. These few pics epitomize that little boy that I love so much. Everything about him, his looks, personality, and developing love for the Lord in his heart melts MY heart!

Oh Brother!

Andy couldn't resist bugging his little sis for even 5 minutes. She made the mistake of turning her back on him: she ended up with a huge snowball down the back of her shirt. Andy thoroughly enjoyed every minute of her discomfort!

Sass Walk

It was virtually warm outside, so we went for a walk! Sara was obsessed with the remaining snow, and of course, Aiden insisted on mimicking his aunt's every move.

Aunt Sass is Visiting!

After only 60 seconds of shyness, Aiden warmed up to his Aunt Sass and enjoys her doing everything for him. She's like his personal servant - he's in heaven!