Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feeling Self Conscious

I was just cruising my blog, and realized that the only recent pic of me is in the delivery room - weighing the most I ever have in my life. That is just not cool! So here are a few more recent pics of your favorite blogger! I know, go ahead and sing me the "You're So Vain" song. I deserve it!

Happy 1 Month Birthday, Turtle!

Our precious Ashton has been with us for a whole month now! I feel like he'll be heading off to college next month - sniff, sniff!
As many of you know, Andy and I are prone to nicknaming just about everyone and everything. It didn't take long for Ashton to fall victim to our games. Here are a few of his nicknames (listed in order of frequency used):
TM^2 (Too Much Milk, in reference to when he has nursed so long, he has a "I am so full" face)
The Ashtonian

And when Aiden says his name, it comes out "Aston." Maybe he'll drive an Aston Martin someday!
No matter what he drives, he will always have a super special place in our family (for better for for worse!). We love him!

Oh, those Baby Blue Eyes get me every time!