Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fall Is In the Air

Distinctive seasons are one of the many perks of not living in Arizona anymore.  Just when I was getting tired of having the AC running in the house, cool weather moved in.  Today we are enjoying overcast skies and a cool breeze dancing in through the doors and windows.  No worries, because I have been looking forward to autumn for weeks! 
Dad, check out how good these mums look at the base of the mailbox holder you and Andy made!
Mum clippings gracing the kitchen in a Polish pottery vase.  Thanks so much, Gigi!  And Kisti, Brynn & Kira - I know you girls approve!
Acorns from the backyard!  The squirrels work so hard to pick and drop the nuts, but then they have very little opportunity to harvest, thanks to South Paw and her big-dog presence.  I on the other hand enjoy finding them in the grass with my bare feet and using them as free decoration!

My Gardening Assistants

Always talking ... and I don't want to hear it about the shorts: he dressed himself!
Checking out the lawnmower ... and telling me ALL about it!