Sunday, January 25, 2009

Under (or should I say, Out Of) the Weather

Zib (Aiden's most popular nickname) and I are suffering from colds.  Sore throats and achy bodies have rendered us pretty much useless these past few days.  Besides going to church service, we definitely took today as a day of rest.  I am just praying that he will sleep a bit more soundly than the last 2 nights: Friday he woke up 9 times, and Saturday was only 6.  But with Andy working nights, I really could use a solid 2 hours of sleep at a time!  Praise the Lord that I am a stay at home mom and can nap in the afternoons and take it easy during the day whenever a rough night occurs.  I knew Zib wasn't feeling well at all today when he didn't even want to "pay cars" but instead insisted "Mommy, hold you!" all afternoon and evening.  And even when he was sitting on my lap on the couch and we were watching figure skating, he kept insisting that I hold him.  Poor guy, he just wanted as much love and affection as I could possibly give him.  You got it, my little boy! 

P.S.  I don't have enough patience right now to figure out the new picture program on Mac, so for now, please just be placated with knowing that I AM taking pics, and will hopefully be posting some within the week!