Thursday, May 14, 2009


My younger brother was so whiny as a boy that my family dubbed him "Whine Bag." Aiden's middle name is my brother's name, and we are beginning to think there is a link between them. That, combined with the general neediness of men when they are sick has created, well, just see for yourself. Please just note, this is not our typically self-assured firstborn!

Snot Funny

I was putting on my makeup upstairs, when I realized I hadn't heard from Aiden in a while. I yelled down: "Whatcha doin, Zib?" No reply. I remembered about my candy thief last time he was this quiet. I calmly went downstairs. Now remember, Aiden has a cold. This is what I found:

TISSUES! And lots of them!
We are still working on using all of these, which equals out to 3/4 of a large box of Puffs Plus.

Spring Puddle Jumping

Getting a "free ride" in the Bjorn