Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Where Have We Been???

Well, first I got sick, then Andy was feeling yuck (but fought it off), then Ashton had the sniffles, and Aiden has been pathetic, with a runny nose and scratchy throat the entire time. So 5 boxes of Puffs Plus and lots of naps and early nights to bed later, and we're still on the mend. Praise the Lord for Sara being here, as she "sits" for me during the boys' naps so I can do errands and not get them out in the cold air or germ infested places (like the grocery store. Eww!) So hopefully by next week we will be on the mend and back to our "A Game." LOL

Around the house: Shampooed the rug in the living room this morning. Bad idea. 1st: Aiden was scared of the "noisy thampooer" and hid in the corner behind Ashton's highchair. 2nd: the rug is so thick that the shampooer didn't do a very good job of sucking the water back up, so we spent half the day with the front door open and the heater on, trying to get the carpet dry.

Aiden: Talking up a storm! Only 1 tantrum a day. Loves making his little brother smile by getting close to his face and obnoxiously laughing. "Plays cars" (ie. transferring them to and fro furniture, in neat rows) and loves to help put clothes in the washer and dryer and take things to the trashcan during meal prep. He mashed bananas for banana bread and was excited to eat the product for breakfast the next morning. Oh, and potty training is mastered! Running to the bathroom and "going" all by himself! Yay!

Ashton: Smiles at everyone! Tries to roll over everywhere (even on the changing table - you've gotta keep a close eye on that bugger!), is diggin' eating baby food in his highchair 3 times a day, gets mad when you don't "share" bread or anything starchy with him, grabs at everything within reach, and crawls to anything that he can't! Yes, he's crawling! It's not quite the hand-over-hand crawling thing yet, but it's more of an inchworm thing that still gets him from A to B. And zooming around the house is fun in his walker! Oh, and he absolutely loves baths. I think he would sit in there for hours if I let him!

So that's what we've been up to lately. More later!