Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where's Aiden?

That was the question on mine and Andy's faces when we went to do a routine "boy check" and found Aiden's bed empty.  We ran into our room and look what we found:
He had never done this before and hasn't since.  
Hilarious, but still so precious!

Bye-Bye Dirt, Hello Soap Squirt!

Playing Out Back

Last week was warm, even in the mornings.  So after breakfast, I filled up the kiddie pool and let the boys have free reign.  They, of course, loved it!  At 3.5 and 1.5, they have their moments of fighting over toys, but really do get along.  And just recently, they have begun enjoying playing together, not just side-by-side.  So cliche, but I must say it: it warms my heart!

Picnic Out Back

Sometimes a Man Just Needs His Space

No truer are those words applied than to my hubbie.  His "recharge" is always by himself.  After a stressful 5 weeks, my man finally gets some days off.  I was looking around the house for him while the boys were napping, but was coming up empty handed.  I had almost resigned to the fact that he must have gone for a walk to the creek when I happened to peer into the backyard:

Happy Boy

The snack shack just might be Aiden's favorite place in the whole wide world.  He gets the same thing every time: small cup of vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles.  It's the only place he is completely silent, engrossed in the deliciousness of childhood.