Sunday, February 22, 2009

For Uncle Tay

Aiden's middle name is Taylor, after my one and only brother. They do share a hereditary disposition of whining, but apparently do not share the same fetish for keeping their faces clean of food particules. So here's for you, Tay!

Pregnancy Brain

Dear Bob and Lisa,
I am SO sorry for telling each of you (at separate occasions) this morning that I would meet you after church service to retrieve some cookware from your car and then never going to find you. I did not mean to blow you off, it just honestly slipped my mind. I could blame it on Andy and Aiden for being ready to head home for lunch, but I'll blame it on Baby A#$&*#!! (Some fam still don't know the baby's name, even though all our friends do!)

Your scatterbrained friend,