Tuesday, September 6, 2011

So Much More To This Life

Yep, this pretty much sums up my life as of right now on my "resume."  And to think that 6 years ago I was running around on this campus, the world at my feet as I dreamed and studied to become the next supreme court justice. 

And now I'm a stay at home mom.  Six years ago kids weren't even on my radar.  I had a promising career at a local title insurance company, was being pursued by the FBI, dining at nice restaurants and sipping Starbucks' white chocolate mocha's, morning, noon and night.  But don't you think for even one minute that poor Aubrey's dreams went out the window when she got pregnant.  Ok, so yes, they did, actually.  And rightfully so.  God had to get rid of my dreams to insert His dreams.  The spiritual and emotional journey to arrive at that notion has been a long one, but as I look at my 3 sweet boys, peacefully napping in our townhouse in New York (MILES away from Arizona), I am overwhelmed with a sense of completeness, awe, wonder, and exhaustion.  My life is full (literally - every waking minute!), and all those many college courses could never have prepared me for the career path God has chosen for me.  There are no Cliff's Notes on how to soothe a fussy baby to sleep; no dissertation on how to make edible mashed potatoes on a humid, summer day; no TA to run to for help when a four-year-old screaming tantrum won't cease.  But there IS God.  He placed me here, and He'll get me through it.  I can always run to Him - He is always right beside me.  Actually, more like right in front, leading the way.  Life is better when it's that way.  Not always fun, but better.  Blessed.  I wouldn't trade these little faces for any Presidential-appointed seat. 

So, Sarah Palin, go back home to your hubbie & kids.  I might be a suffragette, but I'm also wise enough to put my humbling big girl panties on and know there is a specific place in life for mommies like me.