Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh No He Did Not ... But Yes He Did!

After over an hour of being awake, Andy casually told me about his day at work the evening before.  To skip the details, he received the highest performance rating one can receive at his work: "excellent."  Humbly (after I stopped jumping up and down), he nixed the going-out-to-lunch idea and chose to clean his grill instead.  What a guy!  He is more than just an excellent engineer .... he's an excellent husband and an excellent father.  He is my man after God's own heart.  Forever and Always ... plus a day!

Is That A Hubbie and Wifey Date?! For Reals?!

Here are pics of us on a date that Andy set up because he wanted us to spend some quality time together.  Isn't he more handsome than ever?!?!

P.S. Oh yes, that IS a chocolate creme brulee!  My first (and last, ironically!) boss introduced me and got me hooked on the wonderfully delicious dessert.  I have since passed on the passion to Andy, and we taste test it wherever we go.  I like the phenomenal texture differences, whereas Andy prefers the idea that he is consuming something that just minutes before was flaming with fire.  At any rate ... It's a rough hobby, but someone has to do it!

Playing the Matching Game

Aiden is a little genius when it comes to a matching game that Gigi and Freddie sent.  He and Daddy
play it together, fist-pumping at each correct match.  South even got in on some of the action!  

Boy With the Flu

Zib had the flu Sunday night, and is still on the mend, working on building back up appetite and energy.  And although he might not be as crazy as usual, his mouth still runs a mile a minute - all questions.  I finally told him, "Aiden, surprisingly, Mommy doesn't know everything."  My brilliant son replied: "But I do, Mamma.  I know evryfing!"  Oh, ok, that explains it, then!

Just A Few Minutes Ago

I walked around and took pics of all living things in the house and what they were up to.  Just the usual: Aiden refusing to eat breakfast, Ashton playing with his favorite "green machine," quickly followed by his escapade of stealing a bone from poor South, and then moving on to "skateboarding" with an old remote.  When I took a pic of the flowers, Aiden asked, "Mom, did the fwowers smile?"  Yes, the flowers are always smiling - a reflection of God's beauty and perfection every moment of their lives!