Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Autumn Decor, Counter Cookies & Dinner

My neighbor, Anna has had her autumn decor up since September 1st, so it was high time I got my bum in gear! Today was declared a stay-at-home day (ok, minus my quick run in town for foundation ... I was completely out!!). We broke out the fall totes and went to town! Aiden had a great time seeing all the surprises in the boxes and he was thrilled with the pumpkin theme.

And of course, it's football season (Andrea, let's commiserate together!).
We root for the Denver Broncos in our house, occasionally the Cardinals cuz they're from Arizona, and whoever is starring on Andy's 2 fantasy football teams.

I wanted Aiden to model this blanket. He kept moving so much ... 3rd picture was a charm, even though he wasn't smiling (I had just yelled at him "Be still!" I rarely raise my voice at him, and it scared him into sitting still!).

Aiden thought it was such a funny idea to put the cookies in the pumpkin jar instead of the normal cookie jar.

Not paying attention

Half paying attention

Asking me to take a picture of his half-eaten pretzel stick

Dinner was leftover stew - Aiden rejected it the first night, so I broke out the chicken nugs tonight. But I guess he was full from all the pretzels. Bad Mommy!

And Aiden dancing around the living room after dinner

Thanks for sharing the day with us! Hope your day was as much fun!