Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

In a nutshell, it kinda stunk.  Andy worked a long day, so it was just a normal Sunday of rushing to get all three of us beautiful and out the door to church on time.  Although I did thoroughly enjoy the sermon while having the pleasure of sitting next to one of my good friends, Amy, Aiden threw a huge screaming tantrum in the sanctuary (thankfully AFTER the service!).  I had to have a random person hold Ashton so I could drag Aiden out to the car, kicking and screaming.  So the boys were finally fed and down for naps at 2, but Ash was up ever 30 mins, screaming because of teething discomfort.  In the meantime, I fixed dinner and cleaned the house until Andy came home from work, exhausted and hungry.  We all ate at different times (just based on hungriness) and I finally went to bed after dishes were cleaned, laundry done and plants covered to avoid frost.  But I DID receive some nice gifts from my boys and had a lovely conversation with my grandma.  If only I could have her energy!  She is amazing!  And hopefully I can have some quiet time today to call my mom.  Hopefully.

Lovely gifts of a new watering can (the old one somehow became a worm farm - guess who's to blame?!), gardening gloves, hose watering attachment, bird feeder and seed, plus a personalized card.

South Paw took the liberty of being frisky while the boys were napping - she grabbed a balloon, ever so gently.
 "Hm?  I wasn't doin' anything!"

Hungry man

My indulgence of the day!
(I enjoyed it while watching HGTV)
A sprig of lilac flowers from my friend Jessie

Mr. Cause and Effect

Ashton's handiwork: he threw all sorts of items out onto the deck thru a crack in the screen door while I was making dinner (including cars, a plane, a dog bone, half an Easter egg, and a green bean!).  Then while I was trying to enjoy my BLT on Mother's Day, Ashton took the liberty of finding the baby wipes in the rag drawer and proceeded in taking them out, one by one.  My BLT was too good to stop him.  He was very into it! (You can also see that he raided the over drawer - he is non-stop action!)

Not Me Monday

I did NOT ...

Tell my son I could not "watch dis" or "look at me" any more that day or I might go crazy.  I always have a bottomless pit of patience for my precious children.

Wean my baby based solely on the reason that I wanted to move the nursing chair out of his room and down into the living room (it's brown leather and matches lovely!).  I am a firm believer in long-term nursing.

Encourage Aiden to watch a certain Thomas the Tank Engine dvd because the narrator is Alec Baldwin.  I am most certainly NOT obsessed with Mr. Baldwin's voice!

Ran out of time to call my mom on Mother's Day - who does that?! (So sorry, Mom!)

Finally brought out the ironing board and basket of half mine and Andy's wardrobe.  It has NOT been 6 months since the ironing board was last used and that time was certainly NOT when my mother in law came to visit and nicely ironed the entire pile.  I'm always on top of everything!  I'm a stay-at-home mom, what better things do I have to do with my time?!

Still in my pajamas.  I always get up before my boys and shower and do my makeup and hair before they stir.  ... Yeah right!