Thursday, October 8, 2009

Uncle Tay and Aunt Celeste: Engaged!!!

I can't help tearing up as I write this. My brother, 7 years my younger, asked the love if his life to spend forever with him. She sayed yes. From the moment Tay called me up and said, "I think I like a girl, Aub!" I knew it was all over. I have known Celeste since she was a tween and only God could have picked such a perfect girl for my little bro. She is strong and sassy and exactly what he needs. I know they are young, but I know for a fact that young love is so sweet. To Tay and Celeste: may the Lord guide you in the short and long term plans in your life together; and may your bond always be a strand of 3 cords that can never be broken.

P.S. I can't wait until the wedding: I'm breaking out all the embarrassing pictures and stories! LOL

That rock is .9 carats, Baby!!

He popped the question in front of "Kissing Rock" in Sedona - how romantic is that?!

I believe I have seen a pic of my parents around the same age doing the same thing! Love never fails!

"She loves me for me!" ~Tay