Friday, August 19, 2011

Day One of the Rest of His Life

I am already in love with this little man. He's my sweetheart!

Welcome to the Family

Later that afternoon, Andy and Olive Oyle brought the Big Brothers to meet Aaron.  They were more concerned about me being in the hospital and not coming home than they were about their baby brother; however they both found the tiny size of Aaron's feet fascinating.

 Where's Ashton in this pic, you ask?  He's behind me, pushing all the buttons on the hospital bed, including paging the nurses' station ... 3 times!

Siesta Time!

Daddy and Baby Aaron were tuckered out by mid-morning.  They began their male bonding early!

We Weren't at the Hospital Long...

Dr. B was surprised to find me already 8 cm dilated, so I yelled for the anesthesiologist.  Mom showed up, I was administered a spinal narcotic, I was in pain-free labor, and Aaron Ely was born within the hour after just 3 or 4 pushes.  7 pounds on the dot, he started eating right away ... and hasn't stopped since!

To the Hospital!

7am induction was scheduled on August 4th - but I was having contractions for 6 hours prior to that.