Thursday, January 12, 2012

They're Bundled and Set Free

They had a blast outside, messing up pristine snow and shoveling like maniacs.  12 minutes later they were ready to come in.  Ashton requested hot cocoa - kid after my own heart!

Boys in Pajamas

I am so richly blessed with three adorable, loveable boys who adore one another.

Just Over 3 Weeks Late

Mother Nature just couldn't pull it together in time for Christmas (sorry Uncle Tay & Aunt Celeste!) but she finally received the memo and Andy and I even stayed up until midnight to see the first accumulations.  We passed out and woke up at 5:30am to neighbors scraping snow off their vehicles.  Andy took my 4 wheel drive to work so we're stuck at home (praise the Lord!  Maybe I will finally put Christmas decorations away and attack the ironing pile!).  The boys will be suiting up to go out soon.