Sunday, August 30, 2009


Or more affectionately known around here as "Peechoo." Don't ask - all our nicknames are random!

Me-n-my Boys


Or more affectionately known around here as "Pluribus"

Inpromptu Photoshoot

My boys in their white T's - Brotherly Love!

There's Baby Stuff Everywhere!

We have been SO blessed by caring friends who have lent us a plethora of baby gear. I am very thankful for all of it, as it makes it so nice to have safe places to put Little in every room of the house. (Except the master bedroom. NO baby gear there!) But on the other hand, there IS baby stuff everywhere!

There's the swing in the living room

Even stuffed in the coat closet

This play blanket is one of Ash's favs - it slides under the couch at night!

Mommy's Big Helper

My Big Boy has always been obsessed with the "Green Machine" . . . they go WAAAYYY back!

He's become pretty handy over time. He finds such enjoyment in cleaning up the messes under his high chair with the Green Machine. Wonder how long I can get that to last?!

Spilled Milk

Don't worry, Aiden didn't cry over this spilled milk. In fact, he rather enjoyed it. A bit too much. It will be a few more months before Aiden gets a try at a "big boy cup" again!

Couch Findings

I took a few minutes and willingly cleaned under the couch cushions. Look what I found!