Sunday, November 29, 2009

Hi Mom!

As I am "coming into my own" of being a mom, I am finally getting some time and sanity to reflect on motherhood. Mom, you are so loving, patient, and trusting in the Lord that I am well and happy so far away. (Even though I only call maybe once a week!) And those are a mother's biggest concerns. (Maybe not what is really best for said child, but never-the-less, our gut reaction to our children!)
So to Mom: "I'm doin' good. Still eating too much junk food, but finally having time for my makeup and hair. Albeit, your grandsons make me want to pull out my hair many days! Tryin' to make you proud! Working on my procrastination and really getting into cooking good, flavorful dinners for my little family. I learned from the best! I could still go for some of your potato salad or pumpkin cookies anytime of day! Love and miss you!"

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