Saturday, July 25, 2009

Poopy Morning

Aunt Sass having a conniption over Andy changing a poopy diaper at the hotel in Boston

Happy Saturday. I stayed up too late last night and am paying for it this morning. Ugh. And I had too many cookies last night, so first things first this morning. (if you get my drift!) Then I was sitting at the dining room table, still in a sleep coma while eating a Daddy Bart when Ashton, sitting on my lap, strains. I choose to ignore it, until, I feel warmth on my leg. The baby poo has oozed straight up the back of the diaper and out the top and is proceeded to lava-flow onto my pajama shirt and sweat pants. Up the stairs Little and I go, changing BOTH our clothes and of course, the useless diaper. Then down the stairs, twice, to the basement to start a load of laundry. Then back to the dining room to encourage Big Brother to keep eating and to clean the rest of the infant gunk off the chair and cushion. Aiden is done with breakfast, so down he goes to play cars. On my way to the trash can with dirty disinfectant wipes, I look over at Big. He's making "the face." So once he declares "I awl done, Mommy!" then it's upstairs with all three of us to Big's room. Now the top story smells, even though I sprayed air freshener. Now I must end this entry to take said offending diaper wrapped in a grocery bag sitting at the top of the stairs out to the back yard where it will be deposited into the big black trash can. Maybe then I can try and take a shower. Again, Happy Saturday.

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  1. Way to go Andy. I applaud you for attempting that smelly "chore" as a lot of Daddy's would excuse themselves.