Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cheesecake Factory Cheesiness

On Saturday morning, Andy and I had a deep discussion in regards to how our lives are true reflections of our Christian convictions.  We analyzed our motives and opened ourselves up to the Lord using us for His will: to serve others.  And while this did not precipitate any instantaneous physical change, the heart change was enough to take us to the Cheesecake Factory.  You see, every time Andy and I have a change coming up in our lives, we eat at the Cheesecake Factory.  Examples: deciding to take a job in New York; choosing an appropriate celebration for Andy's college graduation (we ended up on a Caribbean cruise!); after the sonogram, picking the name "Aiden Taylor" over "Drew Lee"; and last but not least, deciding to have baby #2 close in age to our firstborn (I might have consumed a slightly alcohol-laden fruity drink at that dinner! LOL).
This Cheesecake Factory experience was much different than most: consumed with keeping the boys quiet and calm and not much adult conversation.  But we enjoyed chatting with our table neighbors and making the boys laugh.  Praise the Lord, they were in good moods!  And of course, the food was delectable. 

And as we were waiting for the cheesecake to arrive, Ashton lost it.  Parents: you know what "it" is.  Andy scarfed his slice while I took mine to go.  It was just as tasty being consumed on our couch!


  1. Aub, I think it would be a wonderful thing if you would teach Ashton how to do your famous "fish face!" (I have a photo of you doing this with your cousins the night before your wedding...just in case you needed a reminder!!) Love you! :) Aunt Kim

  2. --G-Grandpa FreddieMay 21, 2010 at 4:50 PM


    I'll take a slice of Vanilla Bean Cheesecake!

    --G-Grandpa Freddie

  3. AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDD......... you decided that your family is going to do a missions trip in Zambia in the near future, right?? : D