Friday, April 23, 2010

Will It Be a Rough Day?

Ok, so these pics were from a week or so ago, and all the messes and clean clothes have actually been picked up and put away, but just one day of me slacking, and it could all come back again!  And I am hoping today will be a good day, despite what is already present.  First, today is the designated day that my family back in Arizona is remembering my Granny and Papa, by going out into the desert and spreading Granny's ashes.  Closure, but still sadness.  My heart is with them today.
Andy came home early from work last nite, and was up all night sick.  The flu bug bit him.  And Aiden has had a few close calls this morn, so he's on the couch with a metal bowl, just in case.  And South has a vet appointment this afternoon (during nap time, of course!), due to a hernia (or so I think).  So it will be me and my 3 year old, 1 year old, and 8 month old boxer mix pup at the vet, during nap time.  I think I am a glutton for punishment!  Is there really even a reason to shower?!
Well, I would love to keep pouring out my thoughts, but I might pass out if I don't go change that poopy diaper.  So .... so long for now!

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