Thursday, April 22, 2010

Poopy Situation

I knew it would happen.  I didn't know the details, but I knew at some point after the adoption of South Paw, something with dog poop would happen.  Here's how it went down: I went out back to scoop the poop.  I asked Aiden to help me find the piles (in an extra-excited voice).  He said that he didn't think there was any anymore.  Anymore?!
Me: "Zib, where is all the dog poop?"
Aiden: "I frew [threw] it."
Me: "You 'frew' it where?!"
Aiden: "Over da fwence."
Me: "What did you use to 'frow' it?"
Aiden: "My hands!"
Me: "Andy!  Get the tub ready!"


  1. Real Men are not afraid of a little Poo. Aub - Why did you teach him to throw it over the fence?

  2. this made me LOL!!!

  3. G-Grandpa Freddie says "Boy's will be boy's"!