Friday, April 30, 2010

Snack Shack Nite!

There is a wonderful snack shack in the village that satisfies the American-food-craving on every level.  And to top it off, they have an on-site playground!  So the boys and I just jumped in the car (mismatches clothes and all!) tonight and headed into town.  1st: hot dogs, curly fries & Sierra Mist in the trunk of the Mommy Car (allowing Ashton to bug us, err, I mean, roam, freely).  2nd: play at playground (I know for a fact that to Aiden, that should have been first, but mommies always seem to overrule all outside demands).  3rd: ice cream!  (duh!) 

Ash-Babash (newest nickname!) is also Mr. Cause-and-Effect (Daddy's nickname for him): every toy I gave him ended up being chucked.  Nothing new to me.

No!  Not my cell phone!

Ok, so I TOTALLY realize this is a ridiculous pic of me and my cherry-dipped soft serve, but it was the best I could do one handed!  That is my yummy-face, fyi!

And this is Mr. Aiden.  Mr. Predictable.  Mr. Stable.  Mr. Everything-Had-Better-Be-Normal with his vanilla and sprinkles.  Happy Boy!

Now they are tucked in bed, out for the count.  After 6 months of being stuck in-doors, this was quite an adventure for my boys!  I am looking forward to many more impromptu visits to the Snack Shack!


  1. I can relate to the cause and effect! Evan can clear his highchair tray of toys in about 15 seconds now!

  2. oops, that was Jen McDade... I think I'm signed in as Jack!