Monday, May 2, 2011


After a quite-frankly horrid trip to Walmart to purchase the monthly necessities like contact solution that come so much cheaper at the store that doesn't give its employees proper benefits, every other shopper deciding to walk as slow as possible and/or cut my gigantic kiddie-cart off, and Ashton assuming the proper behavior of a 2 year old American brat in Walmart, sweet Aiden's stellar 10-year-old demeanor was rewarded with a Mommy-Boy trip to the local county airport.  It was our first time observing (but definitely not our last!); we both had a blast and I was impressed with how much aeronautical knowledge I dug up from the recesses (thanks Dad!).  I think we have a young pilot in the making.

He chatted (er, asked questions) the entire time.  And I don't over exaggerate: the ENTIRE time!

Then, since it was so positively warm at 62 degrees, we played out front til supper time (since the back yard is under water from the excessive rain accumulation (aka: flooding) our area's been enduring).
 Aiden happily digging up my flower garden in search of worms

 Ashton getting into trouble in the garage
 South in a tizzy over all the good dogs getting to go for walks while she is tethered to the baby apple tree
A fun Saturday, all things considered.  Note to self: shop at Walmart late at nite without children & still have fun with them at the airport & in the front yard!

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  1. The Worm Whisper looks very intense! He will probably own a couple of planes just as a hobby.