Monday, April 25, 2011


Sigh.  Monday.  And the Monday after Easter, no less!  It almost seems as bad as the day after Christmas.  Such a let-down after such great anticipation and joy.  Maybe it's accentuated by the pessimist in me; joy is suppose to stick around for a while, right?  I could blame it on the weather: gloomy & rainy as it is, forcing the heater to kick on.  At this point in spring, I loath the clicking of the gas ignition from the recesses of the basement.  But wait a minute, isn't this everything that Jesus rose from the dead to overcome?  Death and gloom and sadness?  Why yes, it is!  Ok, deep breath, a prayer for Satan's sad lies to be dispersed, and a re-focus on all God's blessings.  I can do this.  First, there are my happy children running around in their pj's, eating muffins and building Thomas train tracks criss-crossing the living room.  There's also the happy movements in my womb of baby #3.  Oh, baby #3!  Now the cobwebs are beginning to fade!  [Pause to fill up my favorite mug with coffee (and half hazelnut creamer)-the one Dad brought me when he returned from Bosnia.  It reads: "Smile! 'Cause God thinks you're special...and so do I!"]  [Another pause to approve of Aiden taking his socks off.]  There is much to do!  Easter decor to be returned to it's bin, Polish pottery pulled back out, the planting of seeds indoors to ready for the garden, not to mention preparing for the baby!  There is a trundle bed mega-deal to be found (along with mattresses), an Ashton to transition to big brother's room, shelves to be installed in closets, clothes bins to be purchased, new lovies to be ordered (Aiden picked out some adorable green and brown ones online), and the myriad of [pause to break up a train fight] projects Andy and I have planned for the house.  Anyone want gift ideas for baby #3?  I have a wish-list; I'll work on posting it.  (Insert smile here!)  And then I remember that Mom is coming for two and half months.  Woo-hoo!  I can't wait for her to see me running my house, spend endless time with my boys and enjoy some r&r in our beautiful part of the USA.  And this week alone should be fun, with a routine dr's appt, Andy's "weekend" on Tuesday and Wednesday, prek & softball on Tuesday and Thursday and no doubt playdates & a dinner out with friends sprinkled in-between!  Praise the Lord, life truly is amazing, [pause to get Ashton a cup of milk] for HE is good, and His love endures forever. 

Virtually?!?!  Does that mean that my dishes are actually NOT "rinsed right"?  


  1. Yep Aub, God and life is so good.
    But a professional company for your lawn???
    I would like a maid. :-) Have been washing windows.
    Hugs to you, Andy and our precious little guys.

  2. Gigi, can you come over and wash my windows?! It has been a bit too long since I've done it (and that's an understatement!).