Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Oh Yes I Did" Sunday

Ever since my surprise trip to Arizona to celebrate in Mom's 50th birthday (er, I mean, 35th birthday - LOL) the computer has eluded me.  I swear it hides behind the kids, and of course, the boys' needs always come first.  So here I am, nursing an all-night migraine on the couch as Andy and the boys fellowship and praise God at church and South Paw is curled up on the ever-plush king-size bed.  I have been known to blog "Not Me Mondays", but on this crisp, clear autumn Sabbath, I bring you "Oh Yes I Did Sunday."  Enjoy! 

Oh yes I AM watching Fox News as I blog.  The litany of political arguments stimulates me!

Oh yes I DID somehow smash our little red camera just a day before my Arizona trip and ended up with zero pictures of my own from my whirlwind jetset.  (But thanks to Aileena and Grandpa Freddie for sending me their pics!)

Yes I DID just tear up at Boeing's Veteran's Day commercial saluting US Veterans.  I am ever grateful to Dad, Uncle Morgan, Grandpa Freddie, Grandpa & Uncle Max for their service to our great country.

Yes I DID jump up and down when Andy offhandedly mentioned the possibility of upgrading our 4Runner sometime next year.  I am convinced that besides Range Rover Sports, 4Runners are the most impressive SUV's.  

Yes I DID attend a town council meeting to show support for a paving-improvement petition for our neighborhood - and loved every minute of it!

Yes I DID book babysitters both Saturday AND Sunday evening.  I sure love having undivided time with my Andy. 

Yes I DID have to tell Aiden to use his sleeve rather than the couch to wipe his drippy nose.  Washing his shirt is just 10 times easier than the couch cushions.

Yes I DID calmly bake cookies with Ashton screaming, crying and tugging at my legs because he is going through a horrible attachment phase where sometimes he won't even let me put him down to go to the restroom.  Poor toddler in denial that he is exiting the baby stage!

Yes I DID just listen to the entire Steven Curtis Chapman Christmas album while I took a shower and got ready.  (And with no one home, I sung along to my heart's content!)

Yes I DID just make an entire post with no pictures after a super-long blog absence and grandparents sending me hate-texts demanding pictures of their grandsons.  Hehe!

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  1. So, inquiring Grandparents want to know "where's the pictures from the camera phone?" LOL!

    --Grandpa Freddie