Friday, December 11, 2009

Spoons from Gigi

My Paula Deen spoons from Gigi have inspired many good meals so far and hopefully many to come!

. . . And the rubber ones that she sent earlier this year help those dinners become reality by sometimes just being distractions!


  1. Hi Sweetheart:
    Those wooden utensils are just the tools for the dishes you made with love. The kitchen holds lots of "playthings" to fascinate little ones.
    Your Daddy loved pulling out the pots and pans.
    I so enjoy seeing our handsome little guys.

  2. Hi Aub,

    What's for dinner? Better yet, what time is dinner? Got room for 2 more and 2 dogs? Molly does not beg very much and Tazer, well he is a pistol. Just mention the word hungry and he is already at his bowl.

    --G-Grandpa Freddie