Saturday, December 5, 2009

Our Hacienda

Andy and I have been working diligently to get our little townhouse updated into a contemporary open concept that reflects our style but is also functional for the kids .. . and maybe the 52" flatscreen! So for the grandmas and aunts (who are probably the only ones who really care) here are some pics of our first floor all decked out for Christmas. Enjoy!

The boys' main Christmas gift: a nativity scene. We enjoy playing and talking about baby Jesus.

Sass, this one is for you! (Aiden's favorite, and most irritating, Little Einstein's ornament)

Our "Eclectic Wall." And I swear the shelves are straight ... it must be our dumb camera!

That's homemade applesauce made by Jen and Christie's mom, Mrs. Sue. Can't wait to enjoy it! Mmmm!


  1. Hi Sweetheart: Your hacienda looks so festive and inviting. But how can that camera have one shelf straight and one crooked!! :-) Better look at it again. I love looking at the snow from here. :-) Thanks for all the pics...even our happy little boy.

  2. Thats a "Homey" little home - it's the Love inside that makes it special.

  3. Your tree looks good, but it doesn't even compare to ours, which is a mesquite tree *outside* decked out with a few dingle-ball ornaments...Dad's idea...Uh...Yeah Dad doesn't believe in Christmas...We need help!

    Love ya! Aileena