Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Long Time, No Visit to the Dentist

Patty, the hygienist looked at my chart today and said, "So you haven't had a cleaning in ... [papers rustling] ... in ... well, it looks like a couple of years."
She was right. And even though she was singing praises over my clean teeth, the xrays told a different story.
Patty: "Oh. That's a shame. Do you see this dark spot on the xray?"
Me: "That dark spot?"
Patty: "Uh-huh."
Me: "That looks like the space in between my teeth."
Patty: "Well, it's a cavity. A big one, in fact."
Guess I'll be taking her word for it, as I am scheduled to go in for a filling next month. Grr! I'm not mad about the cavity, but the fact that I take good care of my teeth and still can't avoid making Andy shell out money!


  1. It's the Big "1" Elizabeth -- LOL!

    G-Grandpa Freddie

    P.S. A little before your time Aub, but still funny.

  2. HA! you have a cavity, i coulda told you what the dark spot was in two seconds.