Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Vermont Air

        Vermont air is the freshest of all the states’, to be sure.  Not that I have had the privildge of visiting them all, however I daresay I would be of this mindset even if I was born in the Green Mountain state and never stepped foot outside of its boundaries.  I suck in deep and my breath catches, not from the preverbal cold I cannot seem to shake, but from the crisp air floating in through the open second-story window of my townhouse rental overlooking Vermont’s highest peak.  With Little Milk Breath on my lap, we relax on the leather couch in front of the fireplace, not the least bit upset that the Pride and Prejudice dvd is stuck and skipping through scenes at random without sound.  The view of the unadulterated soft mountain dotted by every shade of autumn imaginable, combined with the quiet (minus the hum of the clothes tumbling in the dryer) can be summed up in one lovely word: vacation.  The two and a half day hietus from countryside suburbia has not turned out the way Andy nor I envisioned, yet through the headcolds, rain & unprecedented 4 year old tantrums we have come to the realization that this IS a relaxing trip.  I will be sad to leave the alpine luxury I have come to enjoy oh so quickly, to return to a demanding household and my random small-scale projects and commitments, so I just won’t think about driving westward just yet.   I shall go reheat my bbq chicken pizza, wrap a warm quilt around the baby, sit out on the balcony, and take a few more deep breaths of organic Vermont air.

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