Monday, September 5, 2011

Aaron is 1 Month Old!

Yesterday my sweet Aaron turned 1 month old.  I feel like spitting on him, like the Greek family does in My Big Fat Greek Wedding to prevent him from growing up too quickly.  He has the sweetest disposition: just fussy when he's hungry or needs some love.  He's great at falling asleep anywhere and already has himself on a nice little schedule that includes sleeping 12 hours at night.  He wakes around 4am, but I just pull him into bed with me (the perk of nursing!).  This morning he hung out in bed with Andy until 8:45!  He enjoys his baths, is a hearty eater, grabs at anything close, and just recently is attempting to coo at his Winnie-the-Pooh mobile above the changing table (the one from Uncle Tay and Aunt Celeste!).  He sweetly puts up with all his brothers' pokes and "hugs" and loves his "Daddy Time".  We'll keep him!

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